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To increase our CIC points score, Lara has decided to take the IELTS language test, and have her credentials assessed for Candian equivalency. We are hoping that the additional points will reduce the waiting time.

Interminably waiting, and then…

After three weeks (ahead of schedule) I have finally received my ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) from WES. This is the last major roadblock on my path to completing my visa application, so very exciting.

Done is better than perfect

Done is better than perfect is one of the mantras of my professional life. This is one of the concepts I struggled with early in my career, until I realised that there will ALWAYS be some imperfection, however well planned your execution is. Which is why it is almost always better to release change early and find and fix problems, rather than to try and fix everything before releasing.

It is with this spirit that I release my imperfect web site, and will continue to identify problems and improve it over time. Until then, please do read the content, check out my resume, and get in touch if you think I can help your company.

Thanks for visiting!

This is the web site and blog for our 2017 move to Canada. The purpose of this site is to allow potential employers or investors to take a look at my background, skills, and experience to see if it may be a good fit for their organisation.

I’ll be updating regularly with news, new technology projects, and any scheduled trips to Canada should you wish to meet up for a coffee and a chat.