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This is the online profile for Adam Beaton. I am available to deliver digital or technology-focused business transformation programmes, or for remote senior digital, technology, or data roles. Please take a look around my profile and please feel free to connect via social channels, email, or phone.

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Adam is an expert in Enterprise and Solutions Architecture. From capability modelling, enterprise data architecture, and target operating models, to high-level solution designs, technology selection, and innovation "spikes" or proofs of concept.

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Cloud [AWS, Azure, Salesforce.com, etc.], Microsoft stack [.NET, SQL Server, IIS, Biztalk, etc.], Apache stack [Hadoop, Spark, MLlib, etc.], LAMP stack [Linux, Apache, Python, etc.]

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Management of cross-functional teams, including software developers, business analysts, testers, sys ops, release managers. Supplier management, governance of third party solutions, etc. Mentoring and line management.

Case Studies

Here are a few case studies of what I've been working on in the last few years.

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One Company

Developed an enterprise architecture to align a global organisation's processes, data, and systems to implement a "one company" strategy of alignment.

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Advanced Analytics

Designed and implemented a Data Lake, a Hadoop Cluster, Machine Learning Algorithms, and Data Visualisation as part of a Global Analytics Platform.

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Defined the operating model for architectural engagement within a new Agile practice. Developed a "just enough" architectural model,

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public sector (financial regulation; health & social care) - media (events, digital) energy (electricity retail; trading) financial services (corporate actions; front office) consulting (financial services; ERP; fourth sector; heavy industry)