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Enterprise & Solutions Architecture

Cloud, Analytics, Digital

This is the online profile for Adam Beaton. I'm immediately available for Enterprise Architecture or Solution Architecture contract roles. Please feel free to browse around to see my background and experience, or connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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Adam is an expert in Enterprise and Solutions Architecture. From capability modelling, enterprise data architecture, and target operating models, to high-level solution designs, technology selection, and innovation "spikes" or proofs of concept.

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Cloud [AWS, Azure, Salesforce.com, etc.], Microsoft stack [.NET, SQL Server, IIS, Biztalk, etc.], Apache stack [Hadoop, Spark, MLlib, etc.], LAMP stack [Linux, Apache, Python, etc.]

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Management of cross-functional teams, including software developers, business analysts, testers, sys ops, release managers. Supplier management, governance of third party solutions, etc. Mentoring and line management.

Case Studies

Here are a few case studies of what I've been working on in the last few years.

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One Company

Developed an enterprise architecture to align a global organisation's processes, data, and systems to implement a "one company" strategy of alignment.

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Advanced Analytics

Designed and implemented a Data Lake, a Hadoop Cluster, Machine Learning Algorithms, and Data Visualisation as part of a Global Analytics Platform.

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Defined the operating model for architectural engagement within a new Agile practice. Developed a "just enough" architectural model,

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public sector (financial regulation; health & social care) - media (events, digital) energy (electricity retail; trading) financial services (corporate actions; front office) consulting (financial services; ERP; fourth sector; heavy industry)